ZS Series Double Acting Actuator

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ZS Series Double Acting Actuator

ZS Series Double Acting Actuator

Selection of double acting actuator

This series if actuators are suitable for quarter turn valves , follow the below steps to choose the actuator :

1.      confirm the valve type is belonged to quarter turn valve.

2.      Confirm the required valve stem torque.

3.      To select a suitable actuator , generally the rated output torque of selected actuator shall be 1.1 to 1.3 times that of valve’s stem torque ,which also depends on the importance if the valve, if it is required with high reliability for the valve operation , then an actuator with more safety factors shall be selected.

4.      Pay special attention to the air supply pressure at jobsite , it is important to select a correct actuator based on the real air supply pressure.



1.      high precision of rotation . All rotation area are equipped with high precision bearings.

2.      Long service life.For small size actuators , its cylinder material is aluminum alloy , inside surface with special antisealing design.

3.      Strong impact resistance:Crank arm is in integral casting construction which has high strength,good stability and strong impact resistance.

4.      Eazy to adjust , and large adjustment range:Through the 2 adjusting screws located on 2 sides of the actuator , it is very easy to adjust the stroke of the actuator , in a range between plus 10 degree to minus 10 degree.

5.      Excellent safety performance: for single acting pneumatic actuator , it is with spring anti-blowout design ;enable the use of actuator becomes safer.

6.      Selection can be more flexible , economical and practical : Body and cylinder assembly can be incorporated according ro torque requirement , which provide small level difference of output torque while more torque levels. So the selection is more flexible .

7.      Achieve quick open/close:Incorporated with pneumatic accessories , it can achieve a quick open or close.

8.      With changeable torque output feature , it is closer to the real requirement that valve had been used in service : the output torque at open starting point is the highest,which exceeds the nominal rated output torque , so safety factor is higher. 

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