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Line break valve


1. Pressure of gas supply: 0.3-16MPa
2. Medium of gas supply: Air , N2 ,or non sour gas.
3. Max Output Torque : single
action:250000Nm/Double actiong :550000Nm
4.Options : hand pump,hydraulic hand pump , and hydraulic manual uniot with independent test function.
5.Applicable environment:Standard temp:-30-100℃,Optional temp:-55-150℃.
6.Explosion proof :Exd IIC T4/T6
7.Connection of communication : USB/RS232/RS485
8.Power supply: high energy battery ,solar power ,external power.


90°angle stroke , emergency shut-off ball valve of transmission pipeline of natural gas ,ESD shut-off valve.


Patented parallel , double-guide scotch yoke box provides angel type valve with bigger open torque.

Parallel , double-guide rod could withstand horizontal load and give support to the piston rod.

The bearing with composite structure provides a reliable and stable operation , and extending the life of the actuator .

Pistons bearing reduces the friction between the piston and cylinder wall , the cylinder can achieve self-lubricating effect.

The guide rod is produced with high strength and anti-corrosion coating.And this could reduce friction to a minimum value.

Cylinder wall is designer with features of high strength and anti-corrosion and reliability.

Design of internal guide rod brings about more compact cylinder structure.

Design of fully enclosed and weather-proof carbon steel body brings about rugged and reliable structure:internal coating will provide anti-corrosion feature.

External limit bolts may be adjusted in the full stroke range of 90±°.

Based on low hysteresis and quick response , the actuator is also suitable to be used to operate control valve.

With various canted and symmetric type of scotch yoke , actuator could be used to operate different type of valve.

For offshore and high corrosion condition , special coating could be offered.

For sour gas condition , special designed actuator could be offered. 


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