Through Conduit Knife Gate Valve

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Through Conduit Knife Gate Valve

DN 50 to DN 600 (larger diameters on request)

Seat Material:
Resiliant: PTFE/EPDM/NBR
Metal: Tungsten Carbide/Satellite/304/316

1.Lug water knife gate valve:DN50-DN600
Pressure rating:DIN PN10、PN16、ANSI 150
2.Wafer thtough conduit knife gate valve:DN50-DN600
Pressure rating:DIN PN10、PN16、ANSI 150
3.Square port knife gate valve:DN150-DN400
Pressure rating:DIN PN10、PN16、ANSI 150

Through conduit knife gate valve

Actuator :               

Hand wheel, Electric ,Pneumatic (single & double-acting),Chain wheel ,Hydraulic.

Standard flange connection:GB/T 9113.1-2000,JB/T 79.1-1994,HG 20592-2009,ASME B 16.5 EN 1092-1:2001.

Face to face standard:MSS SP 81-2001,GB/T 12221-2005J16.

Certificate:CE, ISO9001 Accredited.
Application:Pulp and Paper/ Mining /Waste Water Treatment/ Food and Beverage/Chemical Plants/ PowerPlants/ Steel Industry/Etc.


1.      Integral body design,small flow resistance,smooth operation.

2.      Stem drive is designed with 2plane bearings,the driving friction is greatly reduced so making operation of valve become smooth and light.

3.      Seat with moveable sealing design and O-ring can provide a preloading force to push the seat sealing ring touching tightly with gate which can probide a self compensation to the sealing surface when it had been worn after long time in service,so its service life can be increased.

4.      Fixed guide claw,without groove design,so medium is not easy to be accumulated and blocked.

5.      Material of seat is selected according to the medium and service condition,choosing metal seal or soft seal.Metal seal with gate surface is coated with hard chtomium,orNitridingtreatment,to increase its wear resistance.Soft seal will be with PTFE seat,orEPDM,NBR,which have good sealing performance and excellentcorrosin resistance.

6.      With excellent sealing performance and economical practicality,and its operation can be by manual,pneumatic or electric actuator,so its application is very wide.

Design Feature


  • Cast-in guide claws at the port bottom for gate fixture, instead of a groove, eliminates

  • potential valve shutoff clogging while providing tight seal. These guide claws push gate

  • towards seat for tight seal in closed position.

  • Integral body design ensures easy assembly and 0 shell leakage.

  • Full port design minimizes pressure drop and maximizes flow capacity.

  • Completely enclosed structure ensures 0 leakage from valve to the surrounding, which is

  • perfect for contaminated/hazardous media for the safety of surrounding.

  • Super thin body design and compact construction contribute to easy installation.


  • Beveled knife edge provides strong cutting stress and tight sealing.

  • Gate thickness can be increased to meet higher pressure.


  • Side-entry seat is replaceable, reducing the cost of maintenance.

  • L-shape seat retainer locks seat into valve body and covers seat side to prevent direct

  • flow flushing


  • Stem cover is available to ensure long service life for stem.

  • Two thrust bearings minimize torque for operation.

  • Grease nipple is available to ease bearing lubrication.







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