Flanged Segment Ball Valve

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Flanged Segment Ball Valve

DN 25~500mm NPS 1”-20”
Seat Material:
Metal: Tungsten Carbide/Satellite/Ni60
Pressure Rating:
PN 10/16/25/40/63
ANSI 150/300/600
Face to Face:
ISA S75.04, IEC/DIN 534-3-2
Flange End:
ASME B 16.34, ISO 7005(other connections on request)

Pneumatic/Electric Segment Ball Valve (flange)

Actuator :Handle/Worm Gear/pneumatic/Electric

Certificate: CE, ISO9001, TS

Application:Pulp & Paper/ Petrochemical /Printing & Dying /Pharmacy/ Beverage & Food


1.Excellent sealing capacity-Class V Standard

2.Precise contouring of the V-notch provides excellent control characteristics for an extensive variety of flow applications.

3.Rugged self-adjusting metal seated option is ideally suited for high temperature applications or slurries.

4.Shearing action between ball and seal promotes smooth,non-clogging operation-perfect for fiber or slurry applications.

5.Easy to change seats,means low cost for valve repairs.

6.Heavy duty construction with unrestricted sreaight through flow path gives high Capacity.

7.Spring loaded seat maintains constant contact with the ball,giving enhanced sealing performance.

8.Superior trunnion bearing technology is engineered for excellent abrasion resistance.

9.Splined connection between the shaft and ball ensures precise control and low hysteresis.

Design Feature


  • Integral body design ensures smooth flow, easy assembly and smaller shell leakage possibility.

  • Both wafer and flange connection are available.


  • Specially designed V-notch ball provides strong cutting stress and tight sealing.

  • Hard chromium, nitriding, and HCOF treatments are all available for the ball surface treatment, improving hardness, abrasion resistance, fatigue resistance, corrosion resistance and performance under high temperature.

  • Well ground notched ball surface ensures small operating torque and tight seal, especially for metal seated segment valve.


  • Metal, RTFE or Devlon are available for seat options.

  • For valve rated under class 150, retainer is casted on valve body to eliminate any possible space between seat ring and body for residue accumulation.Consequently, this ensures perfect seal.


  • The stem is finely ground to match the actuator excellently, which prevents rocking motion and potential failure of the segmented valve.

  • Close-fit spline or pin-key are available for stem-core connection to provide reliable transmission without motion lost or dead band.





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